Franchising Initiatives

Changing the Franchising Game

Each brand is part of the Premium Service Brands family of high quality, customer-focused home services brands. HomeOne is our flagship marketing program for all brands, everywhere.

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Vision Statement


HomeOne is an integrated lead-sharing tech solution helping customers connect to a reliable central platform for all their home services needs.


HomeOne consolidates resources in the home services industry through a system of local franchises to share leads and allow franchise owners to reduce lead acquisition costs.


HomeOne bridges the gap between franchises in the home services industry by creating a centralized hub for lead sharing to provide homeowners with a network of quality local businesses and owners with an expanded model of potential new customers.

Home one Employees

Current Projects

Premium Service Brands plans to expand our HomeOne marketing initiative into every market where we have a strong presence of multiple brands! We hope to introduce HomeOne to our Texas, Tennessee, and Florida markets in 2021, and our goal as an organization is to invest the funds necessary to make this initiative a nationwide success.

As a franchisor for seven different home service companies, we know lead sharing creates value for our franchise owners. HomeOne creates a trusted lead-sharing network and a valuable resource for homeowners to find home services because most homeowners are seeking a variety of home service providers.

Past Projects

The Premium Service Brands HomeOne marketing initiative is designed to cut the cost of lead acquisition where we have multiple home service brands in one area. Our beta project included 360° Painting, Maid Right, ProLift Garage Doors, Handyman Pro, and Renew Crew businesses within the Denver, CO, Atlanta, GA and Fairfield, CT markets. The success in these markets has fueled the expansion of HomeOne to every market with multiple Premium Service Brands in the country.

Now, we are applying our unyielding dedication to customer service to forging connections over our lead-sharing technology, HomeOne.

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